Luskan Calling

An incomplete tale of wonder, to be continued!

We were back in the inn again. It was mysteriously quiet, with no one else present. The front door was barred and magically sealed, but there was a bang from the kitchen, and the door to the back alley was open. We went out back, and as we turned the corner, we found ourselves, not in the expected Luskan back alley, but a maze with sandstone blocks.

Zebran attempted to use his gaseous form to rise above the walls perhaps find a way through. He discovered that the maze stretched for miles, with the Host Tower at the center. The walls seemed to have a force barrier extending above them, preventing someone sneaky from simply flying overhead.

We met Mara and her father Jeran. Mara was excited about the ball, and Jeran felt honored to be invited. Mara shows her card for all to see, the Empress card. A lovely conversation was had.

After departing from Mara and Jeran, we got lost in the maze for a bit. We found our way back out to where we had gotten lost from, and took a different corner, where we found a large stairway.

We could hear a mechanical grinding noise coming from the top of the stairs. We investigated, and found two rolling constructs. Behind the constructs was an empty throne and two doors – one slightly ajar.

Orphan Stag jammed his sword through the spherical bit of the first construct, which destroyed parts of its movement mechanism, forcing it to burn out as it attempted to roll toward its attacker.

Slitha bull-rushed the second and pushed it down the stairs.

The 2 and 3 of coins were nailed to the doors, so we took them off the doors and stashed them with the others we’ve collected. We went through the door that was left ajar, and discovered a mirror image of the previous (minus the constructs), with Jeran slumped in the throne with an arrow through his heart. In his hand was his card, the King of Coins.


Phienix teppesh

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