Luskan Calling

Adventure Log for Day 4

The Info-Dumpening!

After defeating the Gnothics, the party found the source of the jets of flame: a mechanism that periodically sent bursts of aerosolized lantern oil into the room, followed by an ignition source. Between bursts of flame, Orphan Stag ran to the mechanism and began attempting to disable the mechanism. However, he was unable to turn it off initially, and was forced to take cover in the region between the wall and the ignition source. While futzing with the mechanisms, Stag found himself in the literal line of fire with no way to avoid the flames. Fortunately, in a rare moment of altruism, Zebrin used his infernal magic to teleport to Stag’s position, and then back out with the paladin in tow. Zebrin then used a Gaseous Form invocation to float through the mechanisms to the other side, where he discovered a series of cages containing two prisoners trapped in pitch blackness, illuminated only by the periodic jet of flame. The two Drow combined their efforts from either end and successfully shut down the device.
After shutting down the flamethrowers, they pried open an access point, and the rest of the party joined Zebrin on the other side. Zebrin assumed a human guise, and the party lit their lanterns to provide the prisoners with their first consistent light in some time.
Freeing the prisoners, the party opened the door at the other end to discover a massive chasm and a narrow bridge. Between Spider Climb and Gaseous Form, they crossed the chasm, and then overheard a heated conversation between a familiar voice and the head foreman of the smugglers.
As they crept closer, they recognized the voice as belonging to Ina, Zebrin’s contact in the market. She was berating the smugglers for failing to find a mysterious artifact in one of the ships. After witnessing Ina murder the smuggler with a spell, the party attempted to get the drop on her, but were only able to drive her off.
In the aftermath, they also made a few crucial discoveries: Ina had children, namely a daughter who was hiding out in the cages, who was responsible for the puzzles the group had to solve; and that she also had a son, namely, Rock the half-dragon, who was yelling for his mother to release him from his gibbet. They made short work of the daughter, and intimidated her into cooperating with them against their mother. The party then released Rock from his cage, and learned that he had been in the cage since before they had last seen him at One-Eyed Jax, meaning that the being they had seen that night was some other person using his likeness in some fashion or another.
The party then escaped from the cave and returned to the Clanking Dragon. When they arrived at the inn, they discovered that, though they felt like they had been gone for only a matter of hours, in fact, they had been gone for two whole weeks! Mearta also revealed that Ferdo had made it back much earlier, and was off running an errand of some sort. Meanwhile, Sera was dealing with issues with her suiter, who seemed to be using some form of magic to make him or herself irresistable to the young halfling, and creating an addiction to honeycakes. The party traced the enchantment to the locket Sera had received, and placed it in their evil-diffusing bag, which seemed to calm her down considerably and lessen the enchantment’s effects.
Zebrin, shaken by his discoveries back at the cave, returned to his residence at One-Eyed Jax, where he requested an audience with the mercenary leader Kimmuriel, who granted him his request. At their meeting, Zebrin revealed what he had discovered about Ina to see how Kimmuriel reacted. Kimmuriel knew that Ina had powerful magic at her disposal, but was genuinely surprised to discover her agenda, and surmised that it might have something to do with the Arcane Brotherhood, the former masters of the Host Tower of the Arcane…


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