Luskan Calling

An incomplete tale of wonder, to be continued!

We were back in the inn again. It was mysteriously quiet, with no one else present. The front door was barred and magically sealed, but there was a bang from the kitchen, and the door to the back alley was open. We went out back, and as we turned the corner, we found ourselves, not in the expected Luskan back alley, but a maze with sandstone blocks.

Zebran attempted to use his gaseous form to rise above the walls perhaps find a way through. He discovered that the maze stretched for miles, with the Host Tower at the center. The walls seemed to have a force barrier extending above them, preventing someone sneaky from simply flying overhead.

We met Mara and her father Jeran. Mara was excited about the ball, and Jeran felt honored to be invited. Mara shows her card for all to see, the Empress card. A lovely conversation was had.

After departing from Mara and Jeran, we got lost in the maze for a bit. We found our way back out to where we had gotten lost from, and took a different corner, where we found a large stairway.

We could hear a mechanical grinding noise coming from the top of the stairs. We investigated, and found two rolling constructs. Behind the constructs was an empty throne and two doors – one slightly ajar.

Orphan Stag jammed his sword through the spherical bit of the first construct, which destroyed parts of its movement mechanism, forcing it to burn out as it attempted to roll toward its attacker.

Slitha bull-rushed the second and pushed it down the stairs.

The 2 and 3 of coins were nailed to the doors, so we took them off the doors and stashed them with the others we’ve collected. We went through the door that was left ajar, and discovered a mirror image of the previous (minus the constructs), with Jeran slumped in the throne with an arrow through his heart. In his hand was his card, the King of Coins.

In Which Our Heroes Go To A Fancy Party

After awakening from the first vision of the Host Tower, our heroes found themselves in a new vision, waiting to enter a party. Each was dressed according to their tarot cards. They found that they each had invitations to this exclusive event. However, it soon became apparent that they were each experiencing their visions separately. Once in, they encountered a young man smitten with a young woman. The young man, Matthew, however, had received a card containing the 10 of swords, which coincided with the previous night’s vision, where the party encountered that same young man impaled on ten swords. As he pursued his crush, Matthew ignored her warnings and kept following her. Some of the party were able to stop him, while others let Matthew go forward. Those that did not witnessed him rushing forward, only to spring a trap that impaled him as foretold. Those who prevented him from following her saw the trap spring harmlessly. When they awoke, no time had passed. Upon investigating the events of their dream, the party discovered that in the past, the Host Tower was known for hosting a large party for the nobility of Luskan, and at the last such event before the tower’s fall, a young man in love with a girl named Illara had been brutally murdered, and was found impaled on ten swords. Furdo recalled a song that he had learned in his youth that told the story of the tragic relationship, though he could not recall the last verse. However, by going to several local taverns and imploring the audience to sing a long if they knew the verse, the group was able to learn the story, at least as it lived in song: the young man had been in love with Illara, but she was in love with someone else. The night after the party at the tower, Matthew was found mysteriously dead, and Illara was nowhere to be found…

Slitha's Letter
What's this - a letter in Slitha's handwriting?

Just a flavor piece! Not actually expecting a ‘reply’ from Lash or the monastery – that’s purely roleplay as Slitha :P


I trust this letter finds you and our other Sisters well. I miss our nightly sparring sessions; training alone just isn’t the same.

It has been nearly two months since I left the monastery and traveled to Luskan as our Mothers requested. Sister, have they talked about their ultimate plans for me here? I never expected to be
a contestant in an ancient wizard gameshow
punching possessed sharks in the nose
fending off skeleton storms
ripping Reefolopods in half
involved in such a complicated situation. I sent my full report to our Mothers and I’m hoping they’ll fill in the blanks for me. Could they have known all this would happen..?

Thankfully, I do have a few allies in this gods-forsaken place. We look as unalike as any five people could be; a drow criminal mastermind, a saintly half-elf cleric, a drow paladin of Sune, a dwarven spy & entertainer, and a dragonborn monk. Surprisingly, we make an effective team, which is good – I think we’re up against something much older and stronger than us, so we can’t afford to fail.

Keep training, friend! I’m getting stronger every day, and I won’t go easy on you when I get back!

- Slitha

Adventure Log for Day 4
The Info-Dumpening!

After defeating the Gnothics, the party found the source of the jets of flame: a mechanism that periodically sent bursts of aerosolized lantern oil into the room, followed by an ignition source. Between bursts of flame, Orphan Stag ran to the mechanism and began attempting to disable the mechanism. However, he was unable to turn it off initially, and was forced to take cover in the region between the wall and the ignition source. While futzing with the mechanisms, Stag found himself in the literal line of fire with no way to avoid the flames. Fortunately, in a rare moment of altruism, Zebrin used his infernal magic to teleport to Stag’s position, and then back out with the paladin in tow. Zebrin then used a Gaseous Form invocation to float through the mechanisms to the other side, where he discovered a series of cages containing two prisoners trapped in pitch blackness, illuminated only by the periodic jet of flame. The two Drow combined their efforts from either end and successfully shut down the device.
After shutting down the flamethrowers, they pried open an access point, and the rest of the party joined Zebrin on the other side. Zebrin assumed a human guise, and the party lit their lanterns to provide the prisoners with their first consistent light in some time.
Freeing the prisoners, the party opened the door at the other end to discover a massive chasm and a narrow bridge. Between Spider Climb and Gaseous Form, they crossed the chasm, and then overheard a heated conversation between a familiar voice and the head foreman of the smugglers.
As they crept closer, they recognized the voice as belonging to Ina, Zebrin’s contact in the market. She was berating the smugglers for failing to find a mysterious artifact in one of the ships. After witnessing Ina murder the smuggler with a spell, the party attempted to get the drop on her, but were only able to drive her off.
In the aftermath, they also made a few crucial discoveries: Ina had children, namely a daughter who was hiding out in the cages, who was responsible for the puzzles the group had to solve; and that she also had a son, namely, Rock the half-dragon, who was yelling for his mother to release him from his gibbet. They made short work of the daughter, and intimidated her into cooperating with them against their mother. The party then released Rock from his cage, and learned that he had been in the cage since before they had last seen him at One-Eyed Jax, meaning that the being they had seen that night was some other person using his likeness in some fashion or another.
The party then escaped from the cave and returned to the Clanking Dragon. When they arrived at the inn, they discovered that, though they felt like they had been gone for only a matter of hours, in fact, they had been gone for two whole weeks! Mearta also revealed that Ferdo had made it back much earlier, and was off running an errand of some sort. Meanwhile, Sera was dealing with issues with her suiter, who seemed to be using some form of magic to make him or herself irresistable to the young halfling, and creating an addiction to honeycakes. The party traced the enchantment to the locket Sera had received, and placed it in their evil-diffusing bag, which seemed to calm her down considerably and lessen the enchantment’s effects.
Zebrin, shaken by his discoveries back at the cave, returned to his residence at One-Eyed Jax, where he requested an audience with the mercenary leader Kimmuriel, who granted him his request. At their meeting, Zebrin revealed what he had discovered about Ina to see how Kimmuriel reacted. Kimmuriel knew that Ina had powerful magic at her disposal, but was genuinely surprised to discover her agenda, and surmised that it might have something to do with the Arcane Brotherhood, the former masters of the Host Tower of the Arcane…

Adventure Log for Day 3
Gnothic to Gno one

As the group entered the puzzle room, the door slammed shut! Ferdo examined the tile groups, took his tile and immediately placed it in one of the slots. With a flash, where Ferdo once stood, there was only a swarm of flopping piranhas rapidly drowning in oxygen.
The group worked together to figure out the correct tile placement and placed them simultaneously, which caused some…strangeness. It also opened the closet, which the group foolhardily all piled into, thinking it was an exit. In the closet, the party found three vials of a mysterious substance, a note (5 there are and 5 there will be/We rested on the cushioned sea/5 there are and 5 there will be/But only one holds the key), and they noticed that there were some clean spots in the dust, as if there had once been other vials there.
When the group left the closet, they were confronted by avatars of each of the tiles: first an animated suit of armor, then an animated mace, then a skeleton, and finally, a Gnothic. We defeated all of them handily, but the Gnothic ran off through the door, which, embarrassingly, was a push-door, not a pull door, as Orphan Stag found out the hard way. The room started moving, and soon, the party realized that it was spinning. When the room stopped, the door opened to a dark passageway.
Zebrin used his darkvision to scout ahead, discovering a hidden doorway that led to a rather cozy looking study room. In the room, the group discovered a box that contained a bag that contained an evil key, as well as some mysterious gems and a seashell in a vial. Only one of the books could actually be lifted, and contained mysterious writing that Noffles identified as saying “Mind the seashells” over and over again. When the group discovered a secret door in the bookcase, Slitha attempted to quietly open the door, but critically failed her stealth check, and only succeeded in causing a commotion. On the other side, Slitha discovered a pair of Gnothics, which the party made short work of. However, in the depths of the secret passage, they saw a fireball rapidly approaching down the hallway and ending right before the Gnothic’s position…

Adventure Log: Redux
For serious this time.

Looking for options, Zebrin and Ferdo reached out to their contacts. Zebrin’s contact, Doran, warned him of associating with the Harpers, while Ferdo’s contact Joss told them of tugboats seemed to gather near a cliff face for unknown reasons.
The group began by staking out One-Eyed Jax’s, looking for any unusual activity. They observed a strange, agitated man buy drinks and engage in terse conversation with Cett, a dwarf fence for Ship Kurth. The man seemed to be involved in the smuggling ring, and was trying to skim a bit off the top from them, including a mysterious book that he had entrusted with the dwarf. After their meeting, Slitha tailed the man, but was too late to save him from a group of hoodlums who had been hired anonymously to take out the traitor. Through swift intervention by the party (and a bit of disruption by the irate half-dragon Rock), the party was able to get to the human in time to revive him. Through some interrogation of the surviving hoods, they got a name: Lasko. Meanwhile, Cett was deep into his cups, and in a drunken stupor, confessed to Zebrin that “there were more books where this came from, on the bookshelf, and there is a key.”
The party then tailed a ship dragging a wrecked hulk along the coastline up to a rugged cliff face. Through various means, both magical and mundane, the party descended to the ship below and followed it through an illusory cliff face and into an open grotto that had been converted into an elaborate salvage yard where derelict ships were stripped of valuable goods.
In the far corner, a series of gibbets hung over a pool of giant piranhas, and in one of those gibbets was…ROCK! DUN DUN DuNNNNNN!
The party explored further, where they found themselves in a magnetized room filled with animated swords and suits of armor that flew towards anything metal. After that, they found themselves in the aforementioned puzzle room.

Okay, so Obsidian Portal ate my previous attempt at this, so I'm just going to post the puzzle part

Before you lies a red door. In the antechamber, you see five indentations in the tiles that line its four walls and floor. Next to the door are five piles of five tiles. Each pile is a different color: orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. each tile in each stack depicts a different image: a mace, a suit of armor, a skeleton, a fish, and a one-eyed amphibious creature.
To unlock the red door, you must figure out which tile to place in each indentation. If you choose incorrectly, I cannot be held responsible for what happens next…or can I?
One more thing: Each of you must place a specific tile…

  1. Slitha (who shold not place a tile in the floor) should place the orange tile.
  2. The adventurer that places the southern tile will be faced with the mace.
  3. Zebrin (who will not touch the mace) will place the tile whose color most reminds him of a shop he once visited on a nearby island. This shop was full of products devoted to a nice-smelling flower.
  4. Nuffles must place the tile depicting a suit of armor.
  5. The adventurer who places the tile showing the quipper is the one most likely to use a song instead of a sword. This tile is the color of the risen sun.
  6. The oddest member of the group must choose form the blue stack, though the tile to the east must be green.
  7. Zebrin will not place the Gnothic. Instead, the Gnothic will be placed in the floor.
  8. The warlock’s tile must never touch the western wall.

Okay, so whoever came up with this puzzle knows who we are, and wants us to complete this puzzle, meaning that this whole thing is some elaborate test, or someone is toying with us. Zebrin is on edge about it all.

Adventure Log for Day 1
The gathering of forces

It was a dark and stormy night…
Okay, so it wasn’t actually that stormy. And it wasn’t quite night yet. But it was ominous. You get the idea. As the sun set over Luskan, three travelers (Slitha the Dragonborn monk, Orphan Stag the Drow paladin, and Brother Nuffles the Half-Elf cleric) found themselves in common room of the Clanking Dragon, a mysterious inn. A dwarven bard named named Ral (introduced as something different) was warming up over by the fireplace. The inn-keeper, a halfling named Mearta, ordered her children to shut the place up for darkness had fallen completely.
Unbeknownst to the dwellers of the inn, a dark figure was skulking in the shadows outside. After all the windows and doors had been shut, the figure snuck forward and surreptitiously cracked a couple windows and a door by a fraction, and then crouched invisibly by the door to see what would transpire.
After the sun sank below the horizon, as if on queue, a storm front blew in from the sea, and with it came a horde of reanimated skeletons. Okay, so I was right at the very beginning. It was eventually a dark and stormy night…FULL OF SKELETONS!
One of the skeletons let fly with a lucky shot from its shortbow and hit the figure. Recognizing his peril, the dark figure, the Drow warlock Zebrin ducked into the inn, and began a spirited defense of the common room.
Meanwhile, on the upper story, Orphan Stag and Slitha were fighting off waves of skeletons coming through the windows in an effort to protect Mearta’s daughter, Sera. Just when they thought they had driven off the skeletons, a large skeleton entered through the window, only to be pulverized into a pile of bonemeal by a flurry of blows from Slitha.
Downstairs in the kitchen, Nuffles and Ral found Mearta’s son Tobin unconscious after an early assault from skeletons. While Ral held the skeletons off, Nuffles performed vital first-aid to revive the halfling. After they were sure that the boy would live, Nuffles and Ral went to work on vanquishing the skeletons and sealing the door against further incursions.
Back in the main room, Zebrin successfully repelled a few smaller skeletons, only for a large skeleton to shamble through the door, scuffing Mearta’s precious hard-wood floors, which she had just cleaned yesterday! Though Meara managed to avoid any harm, with the help of Slitha, Orphan, and Zebrin, she and the heroes bravely defeated the monster and sealed the door.
After dispensing with all the skeletons, Mearta revealed the inn’s affiliation with the Harpers, an organization devoted to the greater good (the Greater Good!). The Harpers had drawn all of them together to see about stopping the nightly skeletal invasion. Zebrin appeared (in disguise), told the rest of the party to meet him at One-Eyed Jax, where he had his apartment. After delivering his invitation, Zebrin entered a gaseous form and flew off into the night.
The next day, Nuffles, Slitha, Ral, and Orphan traveled to One-Eyed Jax, where they encountered a few Drow mercenaries, and the barkeep, who baid them to head into the back room. There, Zebrin revealed his true nature to them and explained to Orphan a little bit about Drow nature. They then took to the marketplace on the south bank of the river to see if any of Zebrin’s contacts might know anything of use.
In the market, Zebrin’s informant told him of a mysterious map and vial that had appeared recently in her stall. Unfortunately, the map had been purchased a few days before…by Rock, an irate half-dragon with a chip on his shoulder a mile wide. The vial remained, however, so the informant gave it to the party. Just as they were about to disperse, Rock walked up, even more furious than normal (which, given his normal significantly-less-than-sunny disposition, was saying something). Nuffles and Ral managed to talk Rock down from his fury, while Slitha surreptitiously lifted the map out of his belt pouch. Apparently, the map led to a strange treasure ship that had run aground on the reef outside the harbor, but it appeared to be overrun with skeletons, which had killed the rest of Rock’s crew. Finding a quiet spot, Nuffles examined the map, which included a strange inscription in an unfamiliar language. Using his magic helmet, Nuffles discovered that the writing was in Abyssal, and read a single word: “Lich.”
The party split up, with Zebrin and Slitha returning to One-Eyed Jax to consult with a Drow alchemist affiliated with Bregan D’aerth regarding the strange vial, while the rest went with Ral to a cartographer to learn about the provenance of the map. The cartographer, who was affiliated with the Harpers, admitted that he was responsible for the map and its inscription. Meanwhile, Zebrin and Slitha sought out a means to survive underwater from his contact, who provided them with two potions that would grant one hour of water-breathing. Tackling the problem from another angle, Orphan constructed two pairs of mechanical swimming fins.
When the party reconvened at the Clanking Dragon, Mearta revealed the existence of a group of smugglers who were using a grotto outside of town to secretively get hot magical items into Luskan without paying Ship Kurth’s fines and tariffs. Noting that this put his interests in line with the rest of the group’s, Zebrin proposed that the group try out their water gear against the smugglers first before attempting to use them against a full-blown lich. At that moment, lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the crumbling ruins of the Host Tower of the Arcane, which appeared to be whole, instead of the normal pile of rubble that appeared there in daylight. The substance in the vial glowed in the flash as well.

Backstories and Kickoff Information
What I think I remember from our initial 'session'

A long long time ago, I can still remember …. um, well Will and I remember a little bit about our group discussion/planning ‘session’ that wasn’t really a session :P

Our campaign takes place in Luskan, around 1490DR. This timeframe is after the Spellplague. For more information on Luskan, visit:

We had made 5th level characters or at least decided on characters they’d like to play:

• Christina: Dragonborn Monk Slitha – drawn to Luskan by a series of seemingly arbitrary tasks assigned to her by the elders from her monastery.

• Jonathan: Half-elf Cleric of (oh damn… help me out here… figured it out: Lathander) named… something. He was guided to this city of murderers and thieves by a motivation to help those in need… and some gentle nudges from an unseen hand

• Will: Roguey-Warlock named Zebrin. He has been living in Luskan for nearly 20 years as an agent of Bregan D’Aerth. He is a troubleshooter and spy for Ship Kurth. To all outwards appearances he is a normal human with no direct affiliations.

• Jake: Drow Paladin raised on the surface by clerics of … Will’s looking it up. Okay, looks like it’s Sune. Nope… can’t remember his name (it’s Orphan Stag). He walks around in broad daylight, making no effort to disguise his heritage. He appears to be blissfully unaware of how odd that is (in this city especially). He just kinda wandered here, and chose this inn because he thought the name was funny.

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