Luskan Calling

Slitha's Letter

What's this - a letter in Slitha's handwriting?

Just a flavor piece! Not actually expecting a ‘reply’ from Lash or the monastery – that’s purely roleplay as Slitha :P


I trust this letter finds you and our other Sisters well. I miss our nightly sparring sessions; training alone just isn’t the same.

It has been nearly two months since I left the monastery and traveled to Luskan as our Mothers requested. Sister, have they talked about their ultimate plans for me here? I never expected to be
a contestant in an ancient wizard gameshow
punching possessed sharks in the nose
fending off skeleton storms
ripping Reefolopods in half
involved in such a complicated situation. I sent my full report to our Mothers and I’m hoping they’ll fill in the blanks for me. Could they have known all this would happen..?

Thankfully, I do have a few allies in this gods-forsaken place. We look as unalike as any five people could be; a drow criminal mastermind, a saintly half-elf cleric, a drow paladin of Sune, a dwarven spy & entertainer, and a dragonborn monk. Surprisingly, we make an effective team, which is good – I think we’re up against something much older and stronger than us, so we can’t afford to fail.

Keep training, friend! I’m getting stronger every day, and I won’t go easy on you when I get back!

- Slitha



Slitha's Letter
Phienix cnramey

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