Luskan Calling


In Which Our Heroes Go To A Fancy Party

After awakening from the first vision of the Host Tower, our heroes found themselves in a new vision, waiting to enter a party. Each was dressed according to their tarot cards. They found that they each had invitations to this exclusive event. However, it soon became apparent that they were each experiencing their visions separately. Once in, they encountered a young man smitten with a young woman. The young man, Matthew, however, had received a card containing the 10 of swords, which coincided with the previous night’s vision, where the party encountered that same young man impaled on ten swords. As he pursued his crush, Matthew ignored her warnings and kept following her. Some of the party were able to stop him, while others let Matthew go forward. Those that did not witnessed him rushing forward, only to spring a trap that impaled him as foretold. Those who prevented him from following her saw the trap spring harmlessly. When they awoke, no time had passed. Upon investigating the events of their dream, the party discovered that in the past, the Host Tower was known for hosting a large party for the nobility of Luskan, and at the last such event before the tower’s fall, a young man in love with a girl named Illara had been brutally murdered, and was found impaled on ten swords. Furdo recalled a song that he had learned in his youth that told the story of the tragic relationship, though he could not recall the last verse. However, by going to several local taverns and imploring the audience to sing a long if they knew the verse, the group was able to learn the story, at least as it lived in song: the young man had been in love with Illara, but she was in love with someone else. The night after the party at the tower, Matthew was found mysteriously dead, and Illara was nowhere to be found…


Phienix teppesh

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