Luskan Calling

Okay, so Obsidian Portal ate my previous attempt at this, so I'm just going to post the puzzle part

Before you lies a red door. In the antechamber, you see five indentations in the tiles that line its four walls and floor. Next to the door are five piles of five tiles. Each pile is a different color: orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. each tile in each stack depicts a different image: a mace, a suit of armor, a skeleton, a fish, and a one-eyed amphibious creature.
To unlock the red door, you must figure out which tile to place in each indentation. If you choose incorrectly, I cannot be held responsible for what happens next…or can I?
One more thing: Each of you must place a specific tile…

  1. Slitha (who shold not place a tile in the floor) should place the orange tile.
  2. The adventurer that places the southern tile will be faced with the mace.
  3. Zebrin (who will not touch the mace) will place the tile whose color most reminds him of a shop he once visited on a nearby island. This shop was full of products devoted to a nice-smelling flower.
  4. Nuffles must place the tile depicting a suit of armor.
  5. The adventurer who places the tile showing the quipper is the one most likely to use a song instead of a sword. This tile is the color of the risen sun.
  6. The oddest member of the group must choose form the blue stack, though the tile to the east must be green.
  7. Zebrin will not place the Gnothic. Instead, the Gnothic will be placed in the floor.
  8. The warlock’s tile must never touch the western wall.

Okay, so whoever came up with this puzzle knows who we are, and wants us to complete this puzzle, meaning that this whole thing is some elaborate test, or someone is toying with us. Zebrin is on edge about it all.


Phienix teppesh

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