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What I think I remember from our initial 'session'

A long long time ago, I can still remember …. um, well Will and I remember a little bit about our group discussion/planning ‘session’ that wasn’t really a session :P

Our campaign takes place in Luskan, around 1490DR. This timeframe is after the Spellplague. For more information on Luskan, visit:

We had made 5th level characters or at least decided on characters they’d like to play:

• Christina: Dragonborn Monk Slitha – drawn to Luskan by a series of seemingly arbitrary tasks assigned to her by the elders from her monastery.

• Jonathan: Half-elf Cleric of (oh damn… help me out here… figured it out: Lathander) named… something. He was guided to this city of murderers and thieves by a motivation to help those in need… and some gentle nudges from an unseen hand

• Will: Roguey-Warlock named Zebrin. He has been living in Luskan for nearly 20 years as an agent of Bregan D’Aerth. He is a troubleshooter and spy for Ship Kurth. To all outwards appearances he is a normal human with no direct affiliations.

• Jake: Drow Paladin raised on the surface by clerics of … Will’s looking it up. Okay, looks like it’s Sune. Nope… can’t remember his name (it’s Orphan Stag). He walks around in broad daylight, making no effort to disguise his heritage. He appears to be blissfully unaware of how odd that is (in this city especially). He just kinda wandered here, and chose this inn because he thought the name was funny.


Phienix Phienix

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