Luskan Calling

Adventure Log: Redux

For serious this time.

Looking for options, Zebrin and Ferdo reached out to their contacts. Zebrin’s contact, Doran, warned him of associating with the Harpers, while Ferdo’s contact Joss told them of tugboats seemed to gather near a cliff face for unknown reasons.
The group began by staking out One-Eyed Jax’s, looking for any unusual activity. They observed a strange, agitated man buy drinks and engage in terse conversation with Cett, a dwarf fence for Ship Kurth. The man seemed to be involved in the smuggling ring, and was trying to skim a bit off the top from them, including a mysterious book that he had entrusted with the dwarf. After their meeting, Slitha tailed the man, but was too late to save him from a group of hoodlums who had been hired anonymously to take out the traitor. Through swift intervention by the party (and a bit of disruption by the irate half-dragon Rock), the party was able to get to the human in time to revive him. Through some interrogation of the surviving hoods, they got a name: Lasko. Meanwhile, Cett was deep into his cups, and in a drunken stupor, confessed to Zebrin that “there were more books where this came from, on the bookshelf, and there is a key.”
The party then tailed a ship dragging a wrecked hulk along the coastline up to a rugged cliff face. Through various means, both magical and mundane, the party descended to the ship below and followed it through an illusory cliff face and into an open grotto that had been converted into an elaborate salvage yard where derelict ships were stripped of valuable goods.
In the far corner, a series of gibbets hung over a pool of giant piranhas, and in one of those gibbets was…ROCK! DUN DUN DuNNNNNN!
The party explored further, where they found themselves in a magnetized room filled with animated swords and suits of armor that flew towards anything metal. After that, they found themselves in the aforementioned puzzle room.


Phienix teppesh

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