Luskan Calling

Adventure Log for Day 3

Gnothic to Gno one

As the group entered the puzzle room, the door slammed shut! Ferdo examined the tile groups, took his tile and immediately placed it in one of the slots. With a flash, where Ferdo once stood, there was only a swarm of flopping piranhas rapidly drowning in oxygen.
The group worked together to figure out the correct tile placement and placed them simultaneously, which caused some…strangeness. It also opened the closet, which the group foolhardily all piled into, thinking it was an exit. In the closet, the party found three vials of a mysterious substance, a note (5 there are and 5 there will be/We rested on the cushioned sea/5 there are and 5 there will be/But only one holds the key), and they noticed that there were some clean spots in the dust, as if there had once been other vials there.
When the group left the closet, they were confronted by avatars of each of the tiles: first an animated suit of armor, then an animated mace, then a skeleton, and finally, a Gnothic. We defeated all of them handily, but the Gnothic ran off through the door, which, embarrassingly, was a push-door, not a pull door, as Orphan Stag found out the hard way. The room started moving, and soon, the party realized that it was spinning. When the room stopped, the door opened to a dark passageway.
Zebrin used his darkvision to scout ahead, discovering a hidden doorway that led to a rather cozy looking study room. In the room, the group discovered a box that contained a bag that contained an evil key, as well as some mysterious gems and a seashell in a vial. Only one of the books could actually be lifted, and contained mysterious writing that Noffles identified as saying “Mind the seashells” over and over again. When the group discovered a secret door in the bookcase, Slitha attempted to quietly open the door, but critically failed her stealth check, and only succeeded in causing a commotion. On the other side, Slitha discovered a pair of Gnothics, which the party made short work of. However, in the depths of the secret passage, they saw a fireball rapidly approaching down the hallway and ending right before the Gnothic’s position…


Phienix teppesh

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